Tips on the Safe Operation of Electric Cement Mixer

If you want to purchase a quality electric concrete mixer, you need to find reliable electric mixer manufacturers and consider many factors.

When you purchase a quality electric concrete mixer, you must want high quality concrete and long service time of machine, which can maximize the benefits. And there are some tip, which can help you a lot.

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  1. Electric concrete mixer operator must undergo certain training, and he can know the mixer structure, performance, function, operation method, maintenance well, which helps better and safer operation.
  2. Mobile electric concrete mixer should be stabilized by fuselage pad, and motor should be well grounded. Meanwhile, the big gear and belt drive part should be equipped with protective cover.
  3. Before work,You need to check if the clutch, brake and wire rope work well. And you need do empty running test and check all the operation part. When the mixer starts working, you cannot put spade or iron bar into mixing drum.
  4. If there is something wrong during the mixing process, you need to clean the mixture out before checking and maintaining. Besides, you should cut off the power first, clean out the mixture,then clean the mixing drum if there is a power failure.
  5. When the hopper is raised, no one is allowed to stand below the hopper or pass by the hopper. When you want to put down the hopper, you must slow down or hopper may be damaged.
  6. When the work is finished, you should clean mixing drum by put water and cobble into mixing drum, and make it run for some minutes. Besdies, hopper should be at the top position, and be fixed by insurance chain. Meanwhile, you also need to cut off the powe, lock the box and cover the motor or engine with fabric.

By taking these tips into consideration, you can operate electric mixer well and safely. And you cam make your mixer a long service time and save your money.

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