Tips on Stationary Concrete Mixers Installment

Stationary concrete mixer is common machine in construction field, which is mainly used as the main mixer of concrete batching plant. Stationary cement mixer can mix plastic concrete, dry hard concrete and various mortars. Compared with mobile concrete mixer, stationary mixer need be fixed in a place.

And there are some tips about stationary mixer concrete installment. Aimix is an experienced stationary concrete mixer manufactures with high reputation among customers, Aimix stationary mixer deserves your purchase.

stationary mixer
stationary cement mixer

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  1. Stationary cement mixers should be fixed in a solid foundation or frame, then fastened by bolts. While mobile mixer need be supported by timbers, which avoids to put weight on spring and tyre. Besides, a rain prop or heat preservation shed is necessary for concrete mixer.
  2. Transmission parts should be equipped with protective cover, triangle belt loose tightness should be appropriate and the operation range should keep dry and clean.
  3. Check if the clutch, brake is flexible and reliable, check if steel wire is breakage, if the track, tug is good. If there is nothing wrong with those part, you can star the mixer.
  4. Lubricate the mechanism transmission parts, and check if the lubricating oil is enough.
  5. Check if the screw is loose, and if the transmission part is too tight.
  6. Check if the water supply and water pipe joints is smooth.

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