the Basics You Need to Know about Concrete Truck Pump

Concrete truck pump is trucked mounted concrete pump, which fixes large concrete pump on automatic chassis. Concrete pump truck is an advanced concrete pumping machine which has the function of pumping and walking.

So truck mounted concrete pump is mainly used to transport concrete for tall building, overpass projects and other large construction projects. And you find high-quality concrete truck pump for sale with different capacity in Aimix. Besides, Aimix can provide you with concrete mixer pump, concrete trailer pump and concrete boom pump

truck mounted concrete pump
concrete truck pump

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Concrete pump truck has the combination advantages of concrete trailer pump and concrete boom pump. Truck mounted pump has more flexible movement and stronger mobility than trailer pump and there is no need off transportation, installment and fixation for concrete pump truck.

So concrete truck pump has a better pumping performance and pumping speed. Compared with concrete boom pump, truck mounted concrete pump has less ground occupation, lower investment and better pumping height.

truck mounted concrete pump
concrete pump truck

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Advantages and Features of Concrete Truck Pump

  1. Equipped with PLC intelligent control system, the machine can work smoothly and stably.
  2. Equipped with wireless remote control rather than traditional central control console, it is easy to operate machine.
  3. With full hydraulic reversing open loop hydraulic system, the commutation impact is small.
  4. With high-power air cooling system and advanced hydraulic cylinder, it can work smoothly for a long time.
  5. Advanced S Valve system and sealing elements can reduce the plugging rate.
  6. Equipped with advanced diesel engine, it has a strong power and low energy consumption.

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