Picking A Large Capacity Concrete Mixer

If you want to choose a large capacity concrete mixer for your concrete mixing plant or large-scale construction project, Aimix JS3000 large cement mixer for sale can totally be a good choice.

Aimx JS3000 concrete mixer can be used separately. Meanwhile, it can work with PLD series batching machine, which can compose a simple concrete plant. Aimix can be your reliable large mixer manufacturers.

Therefore, JS3000, the large concrete mixer, has double advantages and is quite suitable for prefabricated factory and bridge,highway, water conservancy projects and other civil construction projects.

However, if you want a mixer for personal use or small project, small cement mixer definitely deserve your purchasing. Besides, JS2000, JS1500 big concrete mixer are also hot-sale in Aimix.

large capacity concrete mixer
large capacity concrete mixer

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The large cement mixer of JS3000 can produce 3 cubic meters concrete per time, so it is also called 3 cubic meters concrete mixer.

Meanwhile, JS 3000 concrete mixer is the main mixer of HZS180 concrete batching plant. Js3000 is compulsory and highly effective machine, which is quite a good choice for plastic concrete,dry hard concrete nad other concrete.

With attractive appearance, short mixing time, strong power and high efficiency, JS3000 is widely used in large and medium-sized construction projects and prefabricated factory. And there are some reasons why you should pick a JS3000 concrete mixer.

  1. Its mixing shaft is forged from the alloy, which has the advantages of excellent torsion resistance and bending resistance.
  2. transmission device adopts two gear reducer drive, which is characteristic of compact structure,stable transmission. Low noise and long service time.
  3. The shaft end seal adopts a double floating oil seal ring and a combined structure of special sealing element and high pressure grease.
  4. Equipped with automatic grease lubrication system, this machine can lubricate elements automatically. All lubricating points will be lubricated by progressive distributor of electric grease pump. With high pressure, high viscosity and low fuel consumption, it can reduce the pollution of oil on concrete.
  5. With hydraulic discharging system, it can avoid the phenomenon that the unloading door can not be opened because of the insufficient pressure.
large capacity concrete mixer
large concrete mixer

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With so many advantages, JS3000 definitely is your best choice. And there are many types high quality large mixer in Aimix for your choice. With excellent quality and competitive price, Aimix will never let you down. Contact us to get more details or the best price.

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    How to Maintain Your Hydraulic Cement Mixer?

    Hydraulic concrete mixer has the advantages of reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, easy operation and high mixing quality.

    Hydraulic mixer can mix plastic concrete and semi dry hard concrete, so hydraulic cement mixer is widely used in construction site, road, bridge, hydropower project, and small and medium-sized concrete component factory.

    In order to keep the high efficiency of hydraulic cement mixer, some maintenance are necessary. And this article will list some tips on hydraulic mixer maintenance.

    What to check before operation?

    1. Check if the mixer body is steady.
    2. Check whether the anchor bolts on blades and blade support arm are firm.
    3. Check whether the connecting bolt on the feeding frame is fastened.
    4. Check if the water of water pump is sufficient and the pipeline is smooth.
    hydraulic cement mixer
    hydraulic cement mixer

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    What should you do after using hydraulic cement mixer?

    1. Clean mixing drum, discharging door, hopper, and rinse them with water.
    2. Hopper should be in transport position, brake pin should be inserted well and hopper should keep clean.
    3. Cut off the power and lock the electric control box well.
    4. Lubricate the lubrication points regularly.
    5. The water supply system should be fully drained.

    Weekly inspection items

    1. Check the wire rope wear and lubricate it regularly. And change new wire rope if necessary.
    2. Check the gearbox, oil pump and lubricate the hopper wheel bearing and roller bearing weekly.
    3. Water supply device should keep clean and suction valve should be checked and cleaned weekly.
    4. Check whether the switchrocker arm loose and adjust it if necessary.
    5. Check if the blade connection bolt and support arm connection bolt loose and adjust them in time. If the clearance between blades and cylinder wall exceeds 5 mm, it is necessary to adjust them.
    1. Check if the contactor of electrical box works well. Besides, remember to unscrew the sludge stopper, check the shaft seal and adjust or change them if necessary.
    hydraulic cement mixer
    hydraulic mixer

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    There are many tips on hydraulic concrete mixer machine maintenance, and this article lists some basic but necessary tips. If you want to know more about hydraulic mixer machine, Aimix can help you.

    Aimix is a professional construction machinery manufacturer and suppliers, and can provide high quality construction machinery with competitive price. Aimix products have been exported to many countries, so Aimix deserves your purchase and never let you down. Contact us to get hydraulic concrete mixer machine price.

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