Simple Classification of Concrete Mixers

What is concrete mixer? What’s the main category? Concrete mixer is a professional concrete making machine, which puts cement, water, various aggregates in a certain proportion together, then mixes them evenly.

There are various concrete mixers in market, and it is not easy for people to know concrete mixers well. So this article will make a detail classification of concrete mixers, which can help people to know concrete mixers well and even help people to find the proper concrete mixer.

1. Concrete mixer can be divided into periodic concrete mixer and continuous concrete mixer. Periodic concrete mixer is a concrete making machine which works in a circle of charging, mixing, discharging while continuous concrete mixer can make charging, mixing and discharging continuously and uniformly.

And periotic concrete mixer is widely used in construction project due to its compact structure and easy control of mixing ratio and quality. Instead of construction project, continuous concrete mixer is a proper choice of road, bridge and dam projects according to its continuous work mode which leads to a high productivity.

simple classiofication

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2. Concrete mixer can be divided into self- falling concrete mixer and compulsory cement mixer due to the mixing principle. When self-concrete mixer works, the mixing barrel can rotate around its axis.

And the blades fixed in mixing barrel can raise aggregate to a certain height, then makes them fall down freely. Self- falling concrete mixer is characteristic of simple structure, little wear, certain adaptability to aggregate size and easy maintaining.

However, the mixing is forced by aggregate’s gravity, which limits mixing speed and capacity nad leads to a low efficiency. Therefore, self-loading concrete mixer is used to mix plastic concrete.

While compulsory concrete mixer is a machine with strong power, in which aggregated are mixed by rotating blades. Compulsory concrete mixer has high mixing quality and high working efficiency, which makes it quit suitable to stir dry hard concrete and light weight aggregate.

But it has a strict limit of aggregate size and the aggregate with big size may cause blockage.

3. Concrete mixer can be divided into stationary concrete mixer and mobile concrete mixer according to the device mode. Stationary concrete mixer, also called fixed concrete mixer, is fixed on a prepared shelf.

With large size and high productivity, stationary concrete mixer are widely used in concrete mixing plant. While mobile concrete mixer is equipped with wheel, which ensures mixer move flexibly.

Meanwhile, mobile concrete mixer is characteristic of small size, light weight, good mobility, so it is a good choice for temporary small and medium construction project.

mobile cement mixer
mobile concrete mixer

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4. According to discharging mode, cement mixer can be divided into tilting concrete mixer and non-tilting concrete mixer. For tilting concrete mixer, the discharging can be finished when the mixing barrel is turned over to a certain height.

While the rotation axis of mixing barrel is fixed when non-tilting concrete mixer begins to discharge. Besides, non-tilting concrete mixer have two discharging mode of reversal discharging and discharging by discharging chute.

5. Concrete mixer can also be divided into electric concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer according to the power type. Electric cement mixer, equipped with electromotor, is characteristic of reliable working, easy operation, less investment, common use.

While diesel cement mixer is quite suitable for electricity-starved area. Compared with electric concrete mixer, diesel cement mixer has little complex operation and maintaining.

With the development of modern technology, some advanced mixers with new power appear, such as gas powered concrete mixer, hydraulic concrete mixer, which has a less energy consumption and less cost.

6. With the mixing capacity, concrete mixer can be divided into large concrete mixer (mixing capacity: 1000-3000L), medium concrete (mixer mixing capacity: 300-500L), small concrete mixer (50- 250L). Users can choose the most proper one according to their demands.

large capacity concrete mixer
large concrete mixer

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All above is just a simple classification of concrete mixer, and I hope it can be helpful for people.

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