Sicoma Concrete Mixer

Sicoma concrete mixer is a new machine with the latest technology, which is famous for high yield, high working efficiency and high mixing quality. Mainly, Sicoma concrete mixer can divide into Sicoma planetary concrete mixer or pan mixer concrete sicoma and Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer and their great features make them hot products of market.

sicoma concrete mixer


Model: MEO1250/750
Dry Filling Capacity(L): 1250
Compact Concrete(L): 750
Scrape: 10
Motor Power(kw): 2×18.5
Weight(kg): 4.3

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And we, Aimix machinery, a professional sicoma concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, can provide customers with the best  sicoma concrete mixers for sale. Aimix can be your best Sicoma concrete mixer suppliers.

Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer is a concrete mixer which is equipped with sealing protection device, which can avoid leakage. Besides, the monitor system of this machine can monitor the reduction gearbox, discharging pump and other devices all the time to keep a high-efficiency mixing.

Meanwhile, the multi tube water spray system can make water sprayed evenly, then keeps an even mixing. When Sicoma twin shaft mixer starts to work, two shaft welded with multilevel blades rotate in axial direction, then raise, segment, scatter, impact aggregates again for many times, the mixing can be finished.

So Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer for sale  is quite suitable to mix aggregates and a proper choice for big scale construction project or concrete mixing plant. Want to know the sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer price? Contact us now.

sicoma planetary concrete mixer


Model: MSO1500/1000
Dry Filling Capacity(L): 1500
Compact Concrete(L): 1000
Scraper: 12
Motor Power(kw): 2×18.5
Weight(kg): 5.05

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Sicoma Planetary Concrete Mixer

As for the Sicoma planetary mixer, which shares the same mixing principle with normal planetary concrete mixer, it is quit suitable for high purity mixing and is the best choice for block and prefabricated industry.

And Sicoma planetary mixer can discharge concrete by hydraulic system or by hand, which can deal with some emergent situation. Besides, Sicoma planetary concrete mixer has a compact structure and less land occupation, which is easy for the concrete mixing plant to plan the layout.

Meanwhile, Sicoma planetary concrete mixer is also characteristic of economy and durability and a high performance cost ratio. And Aimix can be a reliable sicoma planetary mixer supplier.

sicoma concrete mixer


Model: MAO2250/1500
Dry Filling Capacity(L): 2250
Compact Concrete(L): 1500
Scraper: 12
Motor Power(kw): 2×30
Weight(kg): 6.5

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In order to make Sicoma mixers have a long service time, you should pay attention to some rules. First, the motor of Sicoma mixer should be equipped with waterproof shell or other protection facility to avoid short circuit which is mainly caused by moisture and humidity.

Meanwhile, sicoma cement mixer should be fitted with a switch which can control the start and close of machine and the facility which can adjust speed.

Secondly, you should keep a close eye on machine running once you turn on the starting switch. When turning off the switch, you need to check if there is something wrong with mixer accessory and mixer blades.

In addition, you need to clean Sicoma concrete mixer once the mixing is finished. When you plan to clean mixer, you should put some little stone and water into mixing drum and put out the remaining material out the drum after mixing in a while.

Finally, you should remove the motor fuse when the mixing work is finished. With proper operation and maintaining, your Sicoma concrete mixer can have a long service time. As a professional sicoma mixers manufacturing company, Aimix definitely deserve your trust.

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With high quality, reasonable price and excellent service, our Aimix concrete mixers have a high reputation among customers. But we still constantly learn the advanced technology at home and abroad and make some innovation by ourselves to provide better products for customers.

So we deserve your trust and we can be a reliable supplier and cooperative partner. If you want a Sicoma mixer for sale or to know more information about Aimix products, you are welcome to contact us anytime.

Features and Advantages of Aimix Sicoma Concrete Mixer:

1. It has high yield, high working efficiency and a high performance cost ratio.

2. It is equipped with a monitor system, which can keep the mixing smoothly.

3. It has stable performance and low working noise.

4. It has economy and durability and has a long service time.

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Model Dry Filling Capacity(L) Compact Concrete(L) Scraper Motor Power(kw) Weight(T)
MAO2250/1500 2250 1500 12 2×30 6.5
MAO3000/2000 3000 2000 16 2×37 7.5
MAO4500/3000 4500 3000 18 2×55 9.2
MAO6000/4000 6000 4000 22 2×75 11.8
MAO6000/4500 6000 4500 24 2×75 12.2
MAO7500/5000 7500 5000 20 2×90 15
MAO9000/6000 9000 6000 24 4×55 18
MSO1500/1000 1500 1000 12 2×18.5 5.05
MSO1750/1250 1750 1250 12 2×22 5.13
MSO2250/1500 2250 1500 14 2×30 5.62
MEO1250/750 1250 750 10 2×18.5 4.3
MEO1500/1000 1500 1000 10 2×18.5 4.4
MEO3000/2000 3000 2000 16 2×37 6.9

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