Some Operation Rules of Concrete Mixer You Should Know

some operationa rules

Concrete mixer is a concrete making machine which can mix cement, water, various aggregate evenly. Mainly, cement mixer consists of charging system, discharging system, water supply device, engine, body frame and chassis. When we operate concrete mixer, we should keep some operating rules in mind to ensure the safety. With safe and right operation, mixer can have a long service time. And the safe operation rules are as follows.

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How to choose a proper concrete mixer

how to chhoose a proper concrete mixer

With the development of society, construction industry also makes rapid progress. And concrete mixers play a significant role in construction field, which stimulates the emergence of various cement mixer. With a great number of concrete mixer in market, it is not easy to choose a proper mixer. And this article will list some factors which you should take into consideration when you plan to buy a concrete mixer.

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Simple Classification of Concrete Mixers

simple classiofication

What is concrete mixer? What’s the main category? Concrete mixer is a professional concrete making machine, which puts cement, water, various aggregates in a certain proportion together, then mixes them evenly. There are various concrete mixers in market, and it is not easy for people to know concrete mixers well. So this article will make a detail classification of concrete mixers, which can help people to know concrete mixers well and even help people to find the proper concrete mixer.

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