Planetary Concrete Mixer

Planetary concrete mixer is a new type equipment, which has high working efficiency. And it is widely used in construction project, such as road, bridge, civil and industrial project. Also, it can be used separately.

planetary mixer machine

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Planetary mixers have an erect shaft and two or three multilevel folding blades and the special structure makes it mix material faster and more evenly. Besides, mixer planetary has a high production, which makes it play an important role in constructive field with the flourishing development of construction industry.

And, we, Aimix, can provide top professional planetary concrete mixer for sale or customized planetary mixer machine with a reasonable price.  Among them, JN240 planetary concrete mixing machine, JN330 planetary mixer concrete, JN500 planetary concrete mixer, and JN750  concrete planetary mixer are quite popular among customers.

Aimix definitely can be your reliable planetary mixer suppliers. Meanwhile, pan mixer for sale is also  a hot product of Aimix.

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Model: JN250
Discharging Volume(L): 250
Charging Volume(L): 375
Diameter of Mixing Drum(mm): 600
Total Weight(kg): 1200
Mixing Power(kw): 11
Discahrging Power(kw): 2.2

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When concrete planetary mixer mixes the materials, the multilevel blade do the rotation and revolution movement at the same time, which can mix materials evenly and makes it easy to scrape material sticking on the inwall.

Therefore, planetary mixing machine is the concrete mixer which is quite suitable for pasted, highly dense and viscous materials. With the wearing-resistant lining board, planetary cement mixer can have a long service time, which provides a chance for this planetary mixer for sale to be a cost-effective machine.

Beside, easy operation and maintain, high mixing quality, high working efficiency and low energy consumption make it a hot product and very popular among the customers.

And we, Aimix machinery, reliable planetary concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, can provide the best vertical planetary concrete  mixer for sale or customized planetary mixers for sale according to the customers’ demands. Sicoma planetary mixer definitely  can be your best choice for you projects.

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Why You Should Choose A Planetary Concrete Mixer?

Planetary concrete mixer is a kind of compulsory concrete mixer, which is characteristic of high mixing quality, high efficiency and easy operation. And planetary mixer can form revolution and rotation due to the special design, so planetary concrete mixer is quite suitable to mix quality concrete.

And the main reasons why choosing a planetary concrete mixer is as follows.

  1. Strong stirring movement, short mixing cycle and high efficiency.
  2. High mixing uniformity and mixing quality. Mixing arm does planetary motion and the blades shear, squeeze and turn the aggregate forcedly.
  3. There is no direct contact between the concrete and the transmission part, so there is no wear and seal of the main shaft end, which avoid the leakage problem.
  4. Motor and speed reducer use the upper support type, so it is easy to maintaining and cleaning.
  5. The unloading position is flexible and this machine can be equipped with some discharging door.

planetary mixers


Model: JN330
Discharging Volume(L): 330
Charging Volume(L): 500
Diameter of Mixing Drum(mm): 800
Total Weight(kg): 1700
Mixing Power(kw): 15
Discharging Power(kw):2.2

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Our company, Aimix machinery, have specialized in machinery manufacture for more than thirty years, and we have professional R&D team, advanced equipment, large workshop, complete test means and excellent after-sale service system.

Also, we keep continuous innovation and try to apply the advanced technology at home and abroad into our products. With high quality, competitive price and perfect after-sale service, Aimx products have been exported to many countries, such as Ethiopia, Germany, Burma, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Iran and other countries.

As a result, we have enough reasons to believe that Aimix low price planetary concrete mixer is the best choice for customers. Please feel free to contact us if you want planetary concrete mixer price or to know more information about Aimix cement mixers for sale.

planetary mixer


Model: JN500
Discharging Volume(L): 500
Charging Volume(L): 750
Diameter of Mixing Drum(mm): 1200
Total Weight(kg): 2000
Mixing Power(kw): 18.5
Discharging Power(kw):2.2

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Planetary Concrete Mixer:

1.Strong working power, high production and high mixing speed

2.Low working noise, low energy consumption and high working efficiency

3.Compact structure, attractive appearance and stable performance

4.Long service time with wear resistant materials and high performance cost ratio

Successful Cases:

planetary cement mixer
Planetary mixer was exported to Russia
planetary vertical mixer
Planetary concrete mixer was exported to Philippine

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Model Discharging Volume Diameter of Mixing Total Weight Mixing  Power Discharging Power
(L) Drum(mm) (kg) (kw) (kw)
JN250 250 600 1200 11 2.2
JN330 330 800 1700 15 2.2
JN500 500 1200 2000 18.5 2.2
JN750 750 1800 3500 30 2.2
JN1000 1000 2400 6000 37 3
JN1500 1500 3600 7000 55 3
JN2000 2000 4800 8500 75 4
JN2500 2500 6000 10500 90 4
JN3000 3000 7200 11000 110 4

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