Some Operation Rules of Concrete Mixer You Should Know

Concrete mixer is a concrete making machine which can mix cement, water, various aggregate evenly. Mainly, cement mixer consists of charging system, discharging system, water supply device, engine, body frame and chassis.

When we operate concrete mixer, we should keep some operating rules in mind to ensure the safety. With safe and right operation, mixer can have a long service time. And the safe operation rules are as follows.

some operationa rules

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I. Before-work

1. The control room of stationary concrete mixer should be a proper place, in which the operator can see the work of all part. And the operator should examine if the signal of instrument board is right, and if there are rubber plate or dry board under the operating table of electric concrete mixer.

2. Operator should ensure that the driving mechanism, working device, and brake should be tight and reliable. And they should check if the big gear ring and belt pulley are equipped with protective shield.

3. Operator should know the maximum size and kinds of aggregate for concrete mixer. And the aggregate beyond the standard is forbidden.

4. Operator should grease the wearing and rotating part of concrete mixer before working.

5. Operator should check the rotation of mixing barrel and blades and the operation of all working device. Only when everything is ready, concrete mixer can start to work.


1. When concrete mixer is charging, people cannot put their head or hand to feeding hopper to observe or feel the feeding condition. Besides, people cannot discharge with hand or some tools when the mixing barrel keeps rotating.

2. When the feeding hopper is raised, it is strictly prohibited for people to work or walk through under the hopper.

3. The charging should be done when the barrel keeps rotating. And the original concrete should be discharged before the new aggregate should be added. Besides, midway stop or start with full load is forbidden apart from reversal discharging.

4. If machine cannot keep working due to some emergency or accident, the power should be cut off immediately. Then the maintaining can start before the barrel is cleaned up.

planetary concrete mixer
planetary mixer

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III. After-work

1. Operator should clean up cement mixer when the work is finished. Besides, if operator needs to enter mixing barrel for cleaning, they should cut off the power or remove the fuse and lock the electric gate box.

2. The hopper should be dropped into the hopper pit and the hopper should be buckled with chain if it has to be raised.

3. The wheels should be removed and kept properly if mobile concrete mixer is idle for more than three months.

4. Water in water pump, drain switch and water measuring device should be discharged when the working of concrete mixer is finished in winter.

As we know, the proper operation not only can keep the working efficiency and long service time of concrete mixers, but also can ensure the safety of operators. All above is some simple suggestion, and I hope it can be helpful for people.

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