Hydraulic Concrete Mixer for Sale

Hydraulic concrete mixer, also called hydraulic cement mixer or hydraulic concrete mixer machine, is a  advanced cement mixer equipped with hydraulic system.  So that it is characteristic of compact structure, stable performance, and high working efficiency, simple and safe operation.

hydraulic mixer machine


Model: JZY250
Charging Capacity(L): 250
Discharging Capacity(L): 400
Productivity(m3/h): 6-8
Aggregate Maximum Size(mm): 60
Overall Dimension(mm): 2250×1850×2750
Weight(kg): 1300

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Briefly, hydraulic pump drives hydraulic piston to move up or down, then hydraulic piston can drive the driving mechanism, and the mixing can start. In fact,there are two main type hydraulic mixer machines, which are hot products in constructive market.

In fact, we, Aimix machinery, a professional hydraulic mixer manufacturer, can provide different types mixers. Besides, gas powered cement mixer is also a hot product in Aimix.

hydraulic mixer


Model: JZY300
Charging Capacity(L): 300
Discharging Capacity(L): 480
Productivity(m3/h): 9-12
Aggregate Maximum Size(mm): 60
Overall Dimension(mm): 2500×1950×2800
Weight(kg): 1350

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Two Common Types of Hydraulic Concrete Mixers

The one is the ordinary hydraulic cement mixer, which shares the similar structure with  concrete drum mixer. But the hydraulic system can drive the mixing and also make feeding finished in a very short time.

And this part makes it different from others. Besides, hydraulic mixer has the advantages of high mixing speed, short feeding time, and high working efficiency, easy and safe operation.

Meanwhile, it has a manual switch, which can open the discharge gate if necessary. So if you need a hydraulic concrete mixer for sale, Aimix can be a good hydraulic mixer manufacturer and supplier.

hydraulic mixer machine


Model: JZY350
Charging Capacity(L): 350
Discharging Capacity(L): 560
Productivity(m3/h): 10-14
Aggregate Maximum Size(mm): 60
Overall Dimension(mm): 2766×2150×3000
Weight(kg): 1950

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While, the other one a special hydraulic mixer machine, which is equipped with a lifting ladder. In brief, this hydraulic mortar mixer can raise the lifting hopper filled with aggregates to different height with the help of windlass and sliding frame.

Also, it does not need manual installment and disassembly. Besides, this hydraulic cement mixer is equipped with four additional hydraulic legs, which makes it easy to adjust the height of this machine. Meanwhile, one person can operate hydraulic  mixer well, which is quite convenient.

Differences between Hydraulic Concrete Mixer and Traditional Concrete Mixer

However, compared with traditional concrete mixer, hydraulic concrete mixer machine is a little special. Generally, traditional concrete mixer has to work with the help with concrete batching machine and it cannot work continuously.

While the advanced hydraulic mixer is equipped with the function of concrete mixer and concrete batching machine. Besides, hydraulic mixer machine has simple structure, flexible movement and easy operation.

In addition, this machine can continuous batching, mixing and discharging compulsively with high speed. Therefore, hydraulic concrete mixer is widely used in rural civil building, urban high-rise buildings, road, tunnel, mine and other construction project.

Surely, with over thirty-year hard work, our company has made great progress and won the recognition from government and customers. And Aimix concrete mixers have a high reputation among customers and also exported to Russia, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan and other countries.

So we totally deserve your trust and we can be your reliable concrete mixer supplier and cooperative partner. Contact us to know more information or hydraulic concrete mixer machine price.

Features and Advantages of Aimix Hydraulic Cement Mixer:

1. It can raise aggregates to a certain height, which saves the manpower and physical resource.

2. One person can operate this mixer well, which is easy to operate.

3. With the help of hydraulic system, it has a high working efficiency and working speed.

4. It has a stable performance, easy maintaining, strong working power and a high automatic level.

hydraulic concrete mixer


Model: JZY500
Charging Capacity(L): 500
Discharging Capacity(L): 800
Productivity(m3/h): 18-20
Aggregate Maximum Size(mm): 60
Overall Dimension(mm): 5226×2200×5460
Weight(kg): 4200

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Model JZY250 JZY300 JZY320 JZY500
Charging Capacity(L) 250 300 350 500
Discharging Capacity(L) 400 480 560 800
Productivity(m3/h) 6-8 9-12 10-14 18-20
Mixing Drum Speed(rev/min) 17 12 14 13
Aggregate Maximum Size(mm) 60 60 60 60-80
Water Supply Precision ≦2% ≦2% ≦2% ≦2%
Lifting Power(kw) 4 4 5.5 5.5
Water Pump(kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Maximum Towing Speed(km/h) 20 20 20 20
Overall Dimension(mm) 2250×1850×2750 2500×1950×2800 2766×2140×3000 5226×2200×5460
Weight(kg) 1300 1350 1900 4200

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