Gas Powered Cement Mixer for Sale

Gas powered concrete mixer, which is also called gas powered cement mixer, gas cement mixer or gas concrete mixer, is a new advanced concrete mixer, which use compressed air as working medium.

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Therefore, gas powered mixer is a kind of environmental friendly machine, which is popular in constructive field. Mainly, cement mixer gas engine consists of pneumatic motor system, hydraulic lifting system, mixing system, discharge device and body frame.

And gas cement mixers for sale are characteristic of step-less speed regulation, flexible conversion between the forward and the reversal of motor, quite safe operation, strong adaptability and high working efficiency.

Besides, gas powered mortar mixer is equipped with wheel, which makes it easy to move to other place. As a result, gas powered cement mixer for sale becomes a hot product, which is also a leading product of our Aimix machinery. Besides, hydraulic mixer machine is a popular product of Aimix.

How Does A Gas Powered Concrete Mixer Work?

In brief, the pneumatic motor uses composed air as the working medium. When the composed air come into the motor, it begins to swell due to the large space. Then the pressure energy can turn into mechanical energy.

Then the air will out of the pneumatic motor system and new pressured air will come in. When the energy conversion is finished, concrete mixer gas powered begins to work. As a environmental friendly machine, gas concrete mixer for sale has a great number of advantages.


Items Unit JZC350 JZC500
Charging Capacity L 560 800
Discharging Capacity L 350 500
Productivity m3/h/ 10-14 18-20
Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) mm 60 60
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) mm 4010x2140x3340 5230x2300x5450
Overall Weight kg 1610 3200

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1.Cement mixer gas can be stepless speed regulation. As long as the users control the intake valve or evacuation valve, the flow of compressed air in other way, the users can adjust the output power and speed of the motor, then can regulate speed and power.

2.Cement mixer gas powered can have a free conversion between the forward and reverse of motor, which means that it can mixes aggregates at a high speed in a very short time.

3.Gas powered mixer has a strong adaptability and it work efficient and safely even in a bad condition, regardless of hot weather, electromagnetism, radiance, dust and other conditions.

4.Gas cement mixer has a loading protective function. Mixer overloading aggregates, motor will stop or work at a low speed. When the superfluous aggregates are removed, the motor can goes back to normal work quickly, and there is no damage to any part of mixer in this procedure. After that, gas cement mixer for sale can still work very efficiently.

5.Gas powered cement mixer has an easy operation and maintaining. And it uses air as the working medium, which is environment friendly and can be supplied continuously.

Aimix Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd has over thirty-year experience on machinery manufacture and Aimix products has a high reputation among customers. So we deserve your trust and we can be your reliable supplier and cooperative partner.

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Gas Powered Cement Mixer For Sale:

1. It has Stepless speed regulation, high working efficiency.

2. Free conversion between the forward and the reserve of motor, which means that it can mixes aggregates at a high speed in a very short time.

3. It has a loading protective function, which makes it a long service time.

4. Strong adaptability makes it keep the normal working efficiency even in a bad working environment.

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