Foam Concrete Mixer

Foam concrete specially made by foam concrete mixer is a kind of advanced lightweight and insulated material. And this material  has a great number of closed pores. With the help of foaming system of foaming machine, foam agent can foam fully and mechanically.

foam mixer
foam concrete mixer

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Then foam and cement paste are mixed evenly. Next, the mixture will be out from pumping system to cast in place construction or form mold. After natural conservation, foam concrete forms. Aimix, professional foam machine manufacturer, can provide you with high-quality foam mixer.

Certainly,with the advantages of light weight and environmental protection, foam concrete is widely used in construction filed. Meanwhile, foam concrete is characteristic of relatively high fire resistance, high thermal insulation, low density and high strength and water resistance.

Besides, foaming concrete has long service time and easy maintaining. However, it can only be made by concrete foam machine.

Foam concrete mixer machine, also called concrete foaming machine or foam mixing machine, is a new and advanced concrete mixer, which is specially designed for foam concrete.

Also concrete foam machine design has the advantages of high mixing quality, stable performance, low energy consumption, good sealing, and short discharging time.

As a professional foam machine manufacture, Aimix definitely can provide you with high quality  foam mixer machine.

Why Foam Concrete Mixer Is Special?

Concrete concrete machine is specially designed to make foam concrete, which is determined by the features of foam concrete. Because it is not easy to make foam concrete, and the reasons are as follows.

First, it  is that foams are easy to crack, especially with a long mixing time. In fact, if cement foaming machine is made by a normal concrete mixer, it can lead to a great loos of foams, which is wasteful.

The other reason is that foams with small density and light weight is different from other aggregates, which makes it difficult to mix them evenly. While, if the users do not use a professional mixer, it will cause large loss of foam and a bad mixing quality.

However, foam concrete machine for sale has special design according to the characteristics of foam concrete. therefore, the special design can ensure more even mixing quality and a minimal loss rate.

In brief, foam concrete machine consists of mixing barrel, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system.

Surely, with such special usage and feature, foam  mixer  machine becomes a hot product as the foam concrete is widely popular. For this reason, foam machine for sale is a leading product of Aimix machinery.

Besides, gas powered cement mixer for sale is a hot product in Aimix.

Aimix, professional foam concrete mixer manufacturers, have confidence and ability to be your reliable supplier and cooperative partner.  Contact us to get more details or the foam concrete machine price.

foam concrete mixer
concrete foaming machine

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Concrete Foaming Machine:

1.It has stable performance, high working efficiency.

2. It has high mixing quality but low energy consumption.

3. Discharging only needs a very short time, and mixing barrel can still keep clean.

4. Mixing barrel has a good sealing.


Type Charging Capacity(L) Discharging  Capacity(L) Output(m3/h) Turn(r/min) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
TM-350 370 350 ≥4 30/110 3.5 1200×800×1300 TM-550 550 500 ≥6 30/110 5.5 2300× 700×1100 TM-1200 1400 1200 ≥12 30/110 11 2500×2000×2300

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