Features and Advantages of Planetary Concrete Mixer

As the technology develops, there appears a great number of advanced concrete mixer. With so many styles, you can pick the most proper one for your project easily if you know them well.

Let’s take planetary concrete mixer as an example, there are small planetary mixer, vertical planetary mixing machine, double planetary concrete mixer, sicoma planetary mixer, industrial planetary mixer machine or even customized planetary mixer machine.

And you need to choose one according to your demand. Regardless of the different size, type, shape of planetary mixing machine, they share some features and advantages. And Aimix, professional planetary mixer supplier, can provide you with best planetary mixer.

Higher Mixing Performance

There are some shafts and multiple blades in planetary cement mixer, and the blades are welded in the shaft.  And When the shafts rotate, the blades just follow them. So when the concrete planetary mixer start to work, the blades do rotation and revolution movement at the same time.

Besides, the revolution and rotation are in different direction, which makes the stronger mixing. Materials in different directions impact each other strongly, which can avoid agglomeration, make the full contact and achieve microcosmic uniformity.

planetary cement mixer

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Lower Energy Consumption

Compared with other concrete mixer, concrete planetary mixer has a more complicated mixing track, more intense mixing and more efficient movement. With the same materials, same feeding sequence, the mixing time of planetary concrete mixer is shorter than traditional mixer by 15% to 20%. Besides, with advanced power transmission system and mixing device, the current of planetary mixing machine is lower than traditional mixer 15% to 20%.  Therefore, planetary mixer can be a goof investment.

More Comprehensive Security Operating System

There is a emergency stop switch in connection box, which can cut off the power in emergency. Besides, there is a viewport in inspection door, user can observe what happened inside the mixer. In addition, the access door is equipped with a safety switch with high reliability and high sensitivity, which makes it more safe and convenient to overhaul the mixer.

Wider Use

Planetary concrete mixer, especially vertical planetary mixer machine is not only a good choice for common commercial concrete, precast concrete, but also can be a good choice for glass, ceram, refractory material.

planetary concrete mixer
planetary mixer

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As for the discharging device, there are some options, gas powered discharging door, hydraulic discharging door and others. Generally, there are at most three discharging doors for planetary mixer and the discharging door can be opened manually if some emergency arise.

And the discharging door is equipped with special-designed sealing device. Besides, the automatic high pressure cleaning system equipped with rotating high pressure sprayer, can completely clean the inside of planetary mixing machine in a few minutes, which can save cleaning time and reduce the labor intensity. Aimix can be your reliable planetary mixer manufacturer.

With so many planetary cement mixer in market, you can purchase a best one for your project by considering the size, shape, land occupation, budget into consideration.

Most important, you need to find a reliable planetary concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, which can offer you the planetary mixer for sale with high quality but reasonable price.

Aimx, top professional planetary concrete mixer company, which will never let you down. Contact us to get more details or planetary concrete mixer price.

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