Differences between JZC Concrete Mixer and JZM Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is widely used nowadays, regardless of city or country. And JZC concrete mixer and JZM concrete mixer are two comon types. With similar name, few people can tell the difference between them. So thsi article will list some main difference between they two.

In generally, JZC concrete mixer and JZM concrete mixer both belongs to self falling concrete drum mixer. As technology developed, various derivation of JZC and JZM concrete mixer appeared, such as hydraulic concrete mixer and ladder type concrete mixer.

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JZC concrete mixer is double cone inversion discharging machine, whose mixing drum is forced by gear. And it dose positive rotation for mixing while inversion for discharging.

JZC concrete mixer is quite suitable for plastic concrete, semi dry hard concrete, which makes it a good choice for road, bridge ans small scale construction project. As for the types, there are four main types of JZC concrete mixer, JZC250, JZC350, JZC500, JZC750.

Among them, JZC750 concrete mixer is stationary concrete mixer while others belongs to mobile concrete mixer. So jzc250, JZC350, JZC500 can not only be used separately but also can be a mixer of concrete mixing plant.

As for JZM concrete mixer, it has a high mixing quality and stable performance. And its mixing drum is forced by rubber wheel, which has the advantages of less noise, stable performance, flexible movement.

Mainly, it can mix plastic concrete, semi dry hard concrete and widely used in construction sites, road, bridge and other small scale construction project.

Actually, there are few differences between JZC concrete mixer and JZM concrete mixer. For most construction projects, both concrete mixer are OK. By considering the demand and performance, you can pick a most proper one.

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