Diesel Cement Mixer

Diesel cement mixer belongs to a diesel powered cement mixer that is widely used for those construction projects located in areas or sites with underdeveloped power or inconvenient power lines. Aimix has JZR350A, JZR350B and JZR500 diesel cement mixers for sale. Among them, the JZR350A is quite popular among customers. There are many advantages to buying one diesel mixer in Aimix Group. Please go on reading.

Cheap diesel cement mxers for sale
JZR350A Diesel Cement Mixer for Sale in Aimix

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Advantages of Diesel Cement Mixer:

  • 1. Suitable for areas that are lack of electricity! Imagine such a circumstance, you have to do a construction project in a place with an electric shortage or you have to finish a construction project on time, but the electric concrete mixer does not work because of power failure, what will you do? It must be very annoying to meet such circumstances. Diesel mixers for sale in Aimix can help you solve this kind of problem because it is diesel powered.
  • 2. Has drum type mixer! Diesel concrete mixer uses a drum type mixer to mix all the materials. There are a few blades inside the drum. After putting the cement, sand or gravel aggregate materials into the mixing drum, all the materials will be lifted to a certain height and freely fall down by its own weight.
  • 3. Mobility! It has a wheeled chassis so that you can easily drag the mixer from one site to another site.

diesel cement mixer
JZR350A Diesel Cement Mixer for Sale in Aimix


Model: JZR350A
Productivity: 10-14m3/h
Discharging Capacity: 350L
Charging Capacity: 560L
Maximum Size of Aggregate: 60mm
Hopper Lifting: Wire rope lifting
Diesel Engine Power: 9.7kw

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Working Principle of A Diesel Cement Mixer

Diesel concrete mixer is a concrete mixer with diesel engine, compact structure and low energy consumption. Mainly, it is an excellent choice to mix stiff consistent concrete, semi-rigid concrete, plastic concrete and various mortars.

diesel mixers for sale


Productivity(L): 10-14
Discharging Capacity(L): 350
Charging Capacity(L): 560
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm): 60
Hopper Lifting: Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw): 13.2

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Meanwhile, cement mixer diesel is widely used in small and medium scale construction projects. As for the working principle, diesel engine provides driving force for gear or rubber wheel, then rotation of gear or rubber wheel can make the barrel rotate.

With the barrel’s rotation and the influence of aggregate’s gravity, mixing can be finished well. Besides, just like concrete drum mixer, concrete mixer diesel engine mixes aggregates in positive rotation while discharging in opposite direction.


Model: JZR500
Productivity(m3/h): 20-22
Discharging Capacity(L): 500
Charing Capacity(L): 800
Maximum Size of Aggregate(mm): 60
Hopper Lifting: Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw): 13.2

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Main Applications of the Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer

  1. Definitely, its main usage is to make concrete. But what’s the most important is that which place or what circumstance it is quite suitable to use diesel cement mixers.
  2. The answer is the place lacking electricity for a long time or the circumstance of temporary electric shortage. As for the place lacking electricity for a long time, it can be a poor and remote area, which has no convenient traffic and advanced technology. So it is not easy to maintain a machine with a bad traffic condition. Compared with electric mixer, diesel mixers for slae can be a better choice.
  3. But the diesel engine concrete mixer has a simple structure, which makes it easy to operate and maintain. That is to say, the users can handle with the most problems by themselves. So the diesle concrete mixer, especially the mobile diesel concrete mixer or diesel mobile concrete mixer, is a good choice for electricity-starved area.
  4. Besides, diesel cement mixers have a low energy consumption, which can reduce the cost. As for the circumstance of temporary electric shortage, diesel cement mixer can help the users to keep working efficiency and avoid the delay of the construct project.

Aimix is a professional diesel engine concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, so Aimix cement mixer diesel definitely is your good choice.

diesel concrete mixer
diesel cement mixer

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How to Pick A Proper Diesel Concrete Mixer?

With so many smart features, you may want a diesel cement mixers for sale. However, it is not easy to find a quality and proper diesel concrete mixers for sale. And you need to take some factors into consideration before buying a diesel concrete mixer for sale.

First of all, you need to determine the capacity of diesel engine concrete mixer. Pick a small diesel concrete mixer for a small construction projects or choose a big one. Then you should find a reliable concrete mixer manufacturer or supplier, who can provide high quality but low price cement mixer for you.

And you also should consider the quality, price, operation, maintaining, which has an important influence on your diesel cement mixer. Especially, energy consumption, which is directly related to your expenditure, should be taken into consideration carefully.

By comparing various brands, you can find that Aimix can be a good choice and totally deserves your trust.

Our Aimix machinery has collected a great deal of experience at home and abroad on machinery manufacture since its establishment. Meanwhile, Aimix products not only get a great number of certificates from government, such as one of the top100 enterprise in Zhengzhou, Quality trustworthy enterprise, but also have a high reputation among customers at home and abroad.

Aimix has the ability and confidence to be your reliable diesel concrete mixer manufacturer. So if you want an Aimix diesel cement mixers for sale or know more information about Aimix concrete mixers, please contact us, you are welcome all the time.

diesel engine concrete mixer
diesel concrete mixer

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Diesel Cement Mixer:

1.Compact structure, stable performance
2.High working efficiency and high mixing quality
3.Low working noise and low energy consumption
4.Quite suitable for the area lacking electricity

Successful Cases:

diesel concrete mixer
JZR500 diesel concrete mixer was exported to Maldives
diesel engine concrete mixer
diesel cement mixer was exported to Dubai

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aimix group mixer
JZR350B Diesel Cement Mixer Was Exported to the United States

hot sale diesel cement mixer
JZR350B Cement Mixer Ship to the United States

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low cost diesel mixers for sale
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer Was Exported to Papua New Guinea


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Model JZR350A JZR350B JZR500
Discharging Capacity(L) 350 350 500
Charging Capacity(L) 560 560 800
Productivity(m3/h) 10-14 410-14 20-22
Max.aggregate size(mm) 60 60 80
Hopper Lifting Wire rope lifting Hydraulic system Hydraulic system
Diesel Engine Power(kw) 9.7 13.2 13.2
Power of Water Pump(kw) 0.75 0.75 2.2-3
Dimension in Containter(mm) 2750×2200×2400 2300×1900×2500 2300×3300×2500
Overall Weight(kg) 1350 1400 2300

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