What to Consider When Buying Vertical Shaft Mixer

Do you need to purchase a vertical  shaft mixer for your project that you will start soon?  And what you will consider when buying vertical shaft mixers.

Vertical shaft concrete mixer is specially designed so that all the aggregates or materials , such as cement, sand, additive, water, can be added from top. And vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer for sale is popular among customers.

Obviously, you can observe the mixing exactly and has a better control of materials ratio. The concrete production production is directly related to mixer scale and quality. Maybe you can find a vertical shaft mixer company that sells vertical mixers at a lower price than all its competitor.

And you may be attracted by that price. Actually, mixer quality, after-sale service and other elements should be the core elements you need to consider rather than only prices. And Aimix is a reliable construction machinery manufacturer and supplier.

Why vertical concrete mixer more convenient?

They are considered more convenient because it is much easier to add materials. However, for most mixers, you have to add materials through the front part, then turn on machine to star the mixing.

While, vertical cement mixer allows you to add materials substantially and it can produce more quickly. So you need to find a reliable vertical mixer manufacturer and supplier, and it can provide you the one you exactly want with high quality and reasonable price.

vertical shaft mixer
vertical shaft mixer

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Tips about Purchasing Vertical Shaft Mixer

You need to take some elements into consideration, if you want the most proper vertical concrete mixer. First, you need to consider the project scale and concrete production, which affect your construction schedule.

Secondly, budget and machine type is also necessary. There are many model of vertical mixers for sale, you need to pick out he most proper one for your projects. Thirdly, transportation and after-sale service need be taken into consideration.

Remember, pay great attention to transportation. If you can not receive your mixer in time, it can affect your whole plan. And you may need more time or money to make up for that.

As for the after-sale service, it can help you solve many problems. Besides, you need know some specification of mixers, and know how much differences between theoretical specification and practical specification.

Purchasing a quality vertical shaft mixer is easy if finding a reliable vertical shaft mixer company. Products being exported to many countries, Aimix totally deserve your trust and Aimix vertical concrete mixer will never let you down. Contact us anytime.

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