Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale

Concrete transit mixer, also called  concrete mixer transport truck or concrete mixing transport truck, concrete mixing truck, concrete truck mixer, cement mixer lorry or truck mixer, is a machine to transit premixed concrete for construction specially.

3m3 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Aimix

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And this machine is equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum for carrying concrete.This mixing will keep rotating to avoid concrete solidification during the whole transport process.

After discharging concrete, the mixing drum need being cleaned or the concretionary concrete can occupy the inside space. As professional concrete mixer truck suppliers, Aimix transit mixer for sale will never let you down.

4m3 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Aimix

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Main Structure and Working Principle

Mainly, transit concrete mixers, which are a little similar to self loading concrete truck mixer, is constituted with automobile chassis and special equipment of concrete mixing truck.

In details,  the special equipment of lorry mixer includes power takeoff, front and back brackets of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, control mechanism, cleaning system and others.

And the working principle of the especial equipment of concrete truck mixer is as follows. The power taken out by the power takeoff device from chassis will drive the variable pump.

Then the mechanical energy can turn into hydraulic energy, which will transmitted to quantitative motor. Next,the quantitative can drive the reducer and the reducer will order the mixing device to mix concrete finally.

Power Takeoff Device

Transit mixer machine  in china adopts the way of taking off energy by main engine. Specifically, the energy takeoff device takes off the engine energy by operating power switch.Then the power is transmitted to hydraulic system and the hydraulic system will drive mixing drum next.

And mixing drum will do positive rotation when feeding and transportation, while do contrarotation when discharging. When the transportation is finished, the energy takeoff device will cut off the power coupling with engine.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system will turn the energy transmitted by energy takeoff device into hydraulic energy. Then hydraulic energy will be transmitted to motor and motor will turn it into mechanical energy, which is the driving force of mixing drum.


Reducer will slow down the motor speed, then pass the speed to mixing drum, which ensure the stable performance of mixing drum.

Control Mechanism

There are two main function of control mechanism. One is to control the rotation direction of mixing drum, so that the mixing drum can do positive rotation for feeding and transportation while do contrarotation in discharging. The other one is to limit the rotation speed of motor so as to ensure the safe performance of mixing drum.

Mixing Mechanism

Mixing mechanism is mainly constituted with mixing drum and auxiliary support unit. And mixing drum is a concrete maintainer, which rotates the concrete along the blade spiral direction, then the concrete can be blended and mixed adequately.

When mixing drum does positive rotation, concrete moves along the blade inward. While concrete moves along the blade outward in discharging. As for the mixing blade, which is the most important part of mixing device.

If the blades are damaged or worn severely, concrete won’t be mixed evenly. Besides, the concrete may isolate if the blades have a unreasonable design. So pay great attention to the blade when purchase  transit mixer truck for sale.

5m3 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Aimix

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Cleaning System

The main function of cleaning system is not only to clean mixing drum but also cool the hydraulic system.

Fully Closed Device

Fully closed device adopts rotary sealing technology, which seals the feeding inlet and discharging port of concrete truck. Meanwhile, it solves some problems of traditional concrete truck for sale, such as water evaporation, mortar segregation, concrete scattering, and transportation safety.

How to maintain transit concrete mixer?

There is no doubt that the concrete truck mixer can get a long service time if it can be maintained regularly. Apart from the engine,chassis and other parts, there are two parts you should pay attention to.

Cleaning Mixing Drum, Feeding Inlet and Discharging Port

Concrete can solidify in a short time and it can corrode the steel and paint. Therefor,it is necessary to clean the mixing drum, feeding inlet and discharging port carefully when the transportation is finished. Some tips about cleaning are as follows.

1.Wet the feeding inlet before loading concrete

2.Fill the water tank with water as feeding is being done.

 3.Wash the feeding inlet immediately after loading

4.Clean the discharging port after discharging, add about 30L -40L water to mixing drum, and the mixing drum should do positive rotation on the way back.

5.Remember to make the water out of the mixing drum before feeding next time

Maintain the Driving Mechanism

Driving mechanism is mainly to drive mixing drum, and it mainly includes energy takeoff , universal shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic oil tank and cooling system.

Once the driving mechanism doesn’t work, it can lead to some bad result. For example, mixing drum may stop rotating and the concrete may solidify in the mixing drum, which will make concrete mixer car useless. So pay great attention to driving mechanism maintaining, and some advice is as follows.

  1. Problems arise in universal shaft part easily. So you not only should check and lubricate regularly but also repair and replace it in time. For that you need to have a another ready universal shaft in your car.
  2. The hydraulic oil should keep clean. Due to the poor working environment of concrete mixing truck, you should avoid dirty water, sediment into hydraulic system. Once you find that there is water and sediment in hydraulic oil, you should stop the hydraulic system and change the hydraulic oil.
  3. Hydraulic oil cooling system should keep efficient. So you need to check radiator fan and clean the radiator regularly, which can avoid that concrete blockes radiator.

There are types of concrete mixer lorry for sale in Aimix, which is a professional concrete truck mixer manufacturer and supplier. And it mainly includes 7 types : 4m3, 6m3, 8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 12m3, 14m3, you can pick one according to your demand.

Moreover, Aimix can help you to choose the most proper one by considering capacity, size, weight, and price you want. Besides, we can support you cement truck for sale with high quality and competitive price.Want to buy a Aimix concrete mixing truck, contact us anytime.

Features and Advantages of Concrete Transit Mixer

    1. It is equipped with thermostatic fan, which has a low energy consumption.
    2. The special design of front and rear suspension of concrete truck can fight against any adverse condition.
    3. With the advanced technology, the front axle has a greater steering angle, which can reduce turning radius and make large concrete truck used in a narrow construction sites.
    4. The front disc brake can reduce the braking distance.

8m3 Concrete Transit Mixer for Sale in Aimix

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Item Model
8m3 9m3 10m3
Geometrical  area(m3) 13.94 15.18 17.9
Drum Inner max diameter(mm) 2300 2300 2400
Drum length(mm) 4750 5039 5474
Angle of Inclination 13 13 12
Oil pump type/
Max working pressure
Motor type/
Max working pressure
Gear reducer type PMP/SAUER/TOP
Max working torque BONFIGLIOLI
Speed ratio 60000/99.9 60000/102.8 65000/120.3
Water supply mode compressed air mode
Water tank capacity(L) 450
Overall dimension(mm) 9135*2490*3810 9135*2490*3810 9810*2500*3985
Device weight(kg) 13170 13170 13700
Axle load(kg) 7000/18000
Wheel base(front/back)(mm) 1939 1850/1850 2036 1850/1850

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