Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a kind of concrete pumping machine, which mainly consists of pump body and pumping pipes. It is a machine which utilizes the pressure to transfer the concrete continuously along the pipeline, and this kind of concrete pumping machine is mainly used for building, bridge and tunnel construction projects.

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There are there hot-sale cement pump for your choice, concrete trailer pumpfor sale , concrete mixer with pump for sale and concrete truck pump. Besides, you can have two options for trailer pump and concrete mixer and pump, you can pick either diesel concrete pump or electric concrete pump.

Besides, Aimix can provide customers with small concrete pump for sale and mini concrete pump for sale. Aimix can provide mobile concrete pump for sale with excellent quality and reasonable price.

Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump refers to mobile concrete pump, which is mainly used for conveying and pouring concrete for construction projects. And it can be divided into electric trailer concrete pump and diesel engine trailer pump. Besides, Aimix can provide you with advanced crawler trailer pump.

diesel engine concrete trailer pump
crawler trailer pump

Concrete Mixer with Pump

Concrete mixer pump is a combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump and it is a convenient concrete pumping machine. With equipped with fully automatic construction operation system, it has a multiple function of feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping.

And it is characteristic of easy operation,stable performance and flexible movement. And Aimix mobile concrete mixer with pump will never let you down.

electric concrete mixer with pump
diesel concrete mixer pump

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Concrete Truck Pump

Concrete pump truck had combined advantages of concrete trailer pump and concrete boom pump. Compared with trailer pump, concrete truck pump is much more flexible and has no need for transportation, assembly and fixation.

Besides, it has a better pumping performance than trailer pump. Compared with concrete boom pump, concrete truck pump has a less occupation space, lower price,higher pumping height and lower maintenance cost.

And Aimix can provide you with the more proper concrete pump truck with high quality but competitive price.

concrete pump truck
concrete truck pump

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Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete boom pump mainly consists of chassis, power system, electric system, hydraulic system and pumping system, which are matched reasonably. The telescopic arm is flexible and fast,the supporting lehs have a less ground occupation and the whole machine can move flexibility.

With high output pressure, concrete pump boom can meet the need of long distance concrete conveying. Therefore, it is ideal machine for high speed rail projects, bridge, tunnels, airport, ports projects and other construction projects.

Aimix can provide you high-quality concrete boom pump with competitive price and timely transportation.

concrete pump boom
concrete boom pump

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Successful Case:

Concrete pump was exported to Philippine
Concrete mixer pump was exported to Indonesia

Specification of Concrete Truck Pump

Item HBCS80 HBCS90
Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output
(Low/High pressure,m3/h)
81-88 96
Maximum Concrete Pumping Pressure
(Low/High Pressure,Mpa)
16/13 18
Concrete Slump(mm) 80-230 80-230
Aggregate Size(mm) Pebble≤50
Power(KW) 110 176
Speed(r/min) 1480 2200
Conveying Cylinder Diameter(mm) 230/1650 230/1650
Type of Distribution Valve S Valve S Valve
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.8 0.8
Filling Height(mm) 1400 1400
Maximum Theoretical Conveying Distance(m) Horizontal:1200 Vertical:180 Horizontal:1200 Vertical:180
Hydraulic System Pressure(Mpa) 32 32
Overall Dimension(mm) 9000×2500×3070 9000×2500×3070
Total Weight(Kg) 11425 11425

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Specification of Concrete Trailer Pump

Items Unit XHBT-25S/1008 XHBT-25Sg/1014 XHBT-35S/1011 XHBT-40S/1011
Max. Theoretical
Conveying Capacity
m3/h 25 16/25 23/25 40
Max Theoretical
Pumping Pressure
Mpa 8 14/9 11/6.8 11/6.8
Max Theoretical Vertical
Conveying Distance
m 110 200 160 160
Max Theoretical Horizontal
Conveying Distance
m 400 750 600 600
Max Aggregate Diameter mm 30 30 30 30
Slump cm 12-23 12-23 12-23 12-23
Conveying Pipe
Inner Diameter
mm 100A/80A 100A/80A 100A/80A 100A/80A
Conveying Cylinder
mm 140×1000 140×1000 140×1000 140×1000
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume L 220 240 240 240
Feeding Height mm 1100 1100 1100 1100
Hopper Capacity m3 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35
Main Motor Power Kw 37 37 45 45
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) mm 4650×1500×1650 4650×1500×1650 4650×1500×1650 4650×1500×1650

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