Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale

Concrete mixer pump, also called mixing pump, is the combination of concrete mixer and pump,which is a small concrete conveying pump or concrete mixing pump. Mainly, pump mixer comprises hopper, Pumping system, hydraulic system, cleaning system and electrical system.

concrete pump for sale
ABJZ30D concrete mixer pump

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So mixer pump combines feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. Besides, with fully automatic operation system, cement mixer and pump has the advantages of easy operation, stable performance and flexible movement. And Aimix concrete mixer with pump for sale can be a good choice for your projects.

Simply, cement mixer with pump can be divided into drum type mixer pump and compulsory pump mixer according to the mixing system. While it can can be divided into electric concrete mixer with pump and diesel concrete mixer with pump according to driving force system.

And the compulsory cement mixer pump is a advanced machine, which has more advantages than traditional mixer pump. Namely, it has a wilder use, higher efficiency and more stable performance. Aimix can provide you with various concrete pump for sale.

concrete mixer pump for sale
ABJZ30D electric concrete mixer with pump

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What’s the Main Application?

Concrete pump and mixer is mainly used in concrete delivery, greening oil delivery, foundation pile grouting delivery and slush delivery. The advanced facility ensures the high efficiency concrete delivery and hard alloy material makes concrete pump mixer a long service time.

Besides, the high outlet pressure can insure the high building and long distance transportation. Meanwhile, the anti pump function can reduce the pipe blockage to a great extent. Welded in a rack with axle, mobile concrete mixer with pump can move flexibly with the help of a small truck or wheel loader, which can save time and reduce interval time.

What’s more, one person can operate mixer pump well, which saves labor cost. In a word, pump mixer has a great potential in construction market.

hot sale mixer pump
ABJZ40D Concrete mixer pump

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How to Work?

Simply, the mixer pump is similar to syringe. When concrete pump with mixer starts to work, it begins to do pushing and sucking motion alternately. In details, motor enforces hydraulic pump to work, then hydraulic pump drive hydraulic cylinder to push the piston of delivery cylinder.

With the connection with piston rod of main oil cylinder, piston will do reciprocating motion. For oil cylinder and delivery cylinder, one goes forward while the other goes backward.

Besides, the distribution valve is connected with discharging port and swing arm respectively and it can swing with the help of swing cylinder. Meanwhile, the discharge port is connected with hopper.

mobile concrete mixer with pump
ABJZ40D electric concrete mixer pump

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Main Parameters of the Electric Concrete Mixer Pumps:

Items Unit ABJZ30D-JZC350 ABJZ40D-JZC350 ABJZ40D-JS500 ABJZ40D-JS750
Max theoretical pumping capacity m3/h 30 40 40 40
Max exit pressure Mpa 10 11 11 11
Concrete cylinder bore stroke Mm Φ140×1000 Φ160×1200 Φ160×1200 Φ160×1200
Hydraulic oil tank volume L 370 370 370 370
Exit diameter mm Φ100 Φ150 Φ150 Φ150
Conveying pipe inner diameter mm Φ100 Φ125/150 Φ125/150 Φ125/150
Motor power KW 47.55 55.75 70.1 83.6
Max aggregate size mm 30 40 40 40
Max horizontal conveying distance M 500 600 600 600
Max vertical conveying distance M 120 150 150 150
Mixer model JZC350 JZC350JS500 JS500 JS750
Input volume L 560 560 750 1200
Output volume L 350 350 500 750
Mixer productivity m3/h 43814 43814 25 35
Drum diameter mm 1440 1440
Drum rotary speed(without load) rpm 18 18
Outline dimension(L*W*H) mm 4200x2300x2600 4200x2300x2600 5100x2250x2860 5200x2250x3110
Weight kg 4200 4500 5500 6500

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Therefore, the concrete in hopper can be sucked into concrete cylinder when concrete piston goes backward. And concrete in concrete cylinder can be sent out through distribution valve when concrete piston goes forward.

When concrete piston retreats to the terminal, it will strike the reversing device of water tank. Then main oil cylinder and swing oil cylinder reverse, which will make distribution valve connect with concrete cylinder and concrete cylinder connect with hopper.

And the piston goes backward and  goes forward next. The motion goes again and again and the concrete can be sent out continuously.

concrete mixer pump for sale
ABJZ40D diesel concrete mixer with pump

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Basics About Concrete Mixer Pump Maintaining:

As we know, regular maintaining can make machine efficient and long service time. There are some basic ways to maintain mixer pump.

  1. Put some water to mixing drum and make it mix for one to two minutes., then check the clutch and braking facility before concrete mixer with pump starts to work.
  2. Keep eyes on the noise and temperature reducer, gear when concrete pump mixer is working.
  3. Add lubricating oil regularly
  4. Take leakage protection and check if it is safe before work.
  5. Keep clean of pump mixer and adjust the gap between blade,scraper and lining in time.

Aimix, professional concrete mixer pump manufacturer, can produce and supply various concrete mixer pump for sale. If you are not sure which one is proper for your project, we can provide you professional advice.

Interested in Aimix concrete mixer with pump or want concrete mixer pump price? Please feel free to contact us , and we will reply as soon as we can. Aimix will never let you down.

concrete mixer pump
ABJZ30C concrete mixer and pump

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 Features and Advantages of Concrete Mixer and Pump:

  1. It is a great combination of mixing pumping, which can save the rack weight and transportation space.
  2. It is characteristic of easy operation, low cost and high efficiency.
  3. Operated by remote control, concrete pump mixer can save the labor cost and reduce the labor intensity.
  4. It is equipped with double cylinder hydraulic pumping system, which can deliver large aggregate and gravel concrete.
  5. it has a lower power, which is safe and low energy consumption.

Excellent Service in Aimix

  1. You can get a professional advice and free quote.
  2. We can pick up you to visit factory for free, and our salesman can be your interpreter.
  3. You can purchase our product with high quality but competitive price.
  4. You will enjoy the timely transportation.
  5. You also can enjoy free guiding and perfect after-sales service.
  6. Aimix can be you good choice, and never let you down.
concrete mixer and pump
ABJZ40D  concrete mixer pump

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Successful Cases:

concrete mixer with pump
Concrete mixer pump was exported to Indonesia
diesel concrete mixer with pump
ABJZ30C diesel concrete mixer pump was exported to Uzbekistan

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Main Parameters of Diesel Concrete Mixer Pumps:

Item Unit ABJZ30C-JZC350 ABJZ40C-JZC350
Rated Output m3/h 30 40
Max.Pressure on Concrete Mpa 10 10
Delivery Cylinder Mm Φ140×1100 180×800
Main Oil Cylinder Bore/Rod Diameter X Mm Φ80/55×1200 Φ100/70×1000
Oil Tank Capacity L 250 350
Outlet Opening Diameter Mm Φ100 Φ125
Inner Dia. Of Delivery Pipe Mm Φ100 Φ125
Diesel Model WEIFANG4100 DEUTZ
Diesel Power KW 62 82
Max.Diameter of Aggregates Mm 30 40
Maximum Delivery Horizontal Distance M 600 700
Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance M 120 150
Mixer Type JZC350 JZC350
Capacity of Charge L 560 560
Capacity of Discharge L 350 350
Water Pump Motor Control Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Diameter of Drum Mm 1440 1440
Mixing Time S 45-60 45-60
Length×Width×Height Mm 5500×2300×2700 6000×2300×3150
Weight Kg 5000 5200

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