How to choose a proper concrete mixer

With the development of society, construction industry also makes rapid progress. And concrete mixers play a significant role in construction field, which stimulates the emergence of various cement mixer.

With a great number of concrete mixer in market, it is not easy to choose a proper mixer. And this article will list some factors which you should take into consideration when you plan to buy a concrete mixer.

how to chhoose a proper concrete mixer

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. And the budget not only covers the price of concrete mixer but also should take energy cost and part replacement cost into consideration.

Then, you should think about the usage of concrete mixer. You want to use this mixer for road, bridge, dam project or civil construction project? When ink over this question, you definitely take the aggregate kinds, maximum aggregate size, concrete kinds, such as dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, flowing concrete and so on, and discharging capacity.

For example, the JS series concrete mixers are a good choice for industrial projects.  All these factors can help you narrow the choice and find a proper concrete mixer.

Besides, you should consider something about concrete mixer itself. Firstly, you should know the quality of machine. It will be very upset if you get a mixer with bad quality.

Then you can think of the power type according to your demands. The electric concrete mixes are widely used due to the less energy cost and non-pollution. While you’d better choose a diesel concrete mixer if you want to use a mixer in an electricity-starved area.

Meanwhile, you should take the overall dimension of concrete mixer into consideration, because you need a proper place with enough space to place the mixer. What’s more, it is a good choice to put automatic level into consideration.

Definitely, discharging type, mixing capacity, power    are also the factors needing considering.

Last but not least, you should find a reliable concrete mixer manufacturer or supplier. That is to say, you have to know if the manufacturer of supplier has a good reputation, good equipment, great testing method, and excellent after-sale service system.

Then you should compare the price and quality of mixers from different manufacturers or suppliers. Only when you consider these factors well can you find a concrete mixer with reasonable price and high quality.

All above is just some simple advice to find a proper cement mixer. With these advice, I hope it can be helpful for you, and you can find a most proper cement mixer. If you are interested in Aimix concrete mixers for sale, please contact us.

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