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If you want to choose a concrete mixer by the shaft, you can mainly find two kinds of concrete mixer, horizontal concrete mixer and vertical concrete mixer. Mainly, vertical concrete mixer includes planetary concrete mixer and concrete pan mixer equipped with a vertical shaft which is welded with some blades.

While, horizontal concrete mixer mainly includes single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. And Aimix can provide various vertical concrete mixer and horizontal mixer with low price, you can contact us if you are interested in Aimix concrete mixer.

planetary concrete mixer

Planetary Concrete Mixer

Planetary concrete mixer is a new type equipment, which has high working efficiency. And it is widely used in construction project, such as road, bridge, civil and industrial project. Also, ...
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pan concrete mixers

Concrete Pan Mixer for Sale

Concrete pan mixer, also called pan concrete mixer or pan type concrete mixer, is named for its appearance, which looks like a pan. And it is a kind of vertical ...
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vertical shaft mixer

Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer for Sale

Concrete mixer can be divided into vertical concrete mixer and horizontal shaft concrete mixer due to the direction of shaft. Mainly, horizontal concrete mixer consists of JDC series, JSS series ...
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twin shaft mixer

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer, also called double shaft paddle mixer or dual shaft mixer, which is generally known as the JS series concrete mixer, is a kind of forced type concrete ...
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single mixer

Single Shaft Concrete Mixer for Sale

As we know, the single shaft concrete mixer is a kind of compulsory concrete mixer, which is also called forced action mixer. Mainly, single concrete mixer consists of transmission system, ...
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horizontal shaft concrete mixer

Horizontal Concrete Mixer for Sale

Horizontal shaft concrete mixer, also called horizontal concrete mixer or horizontal shaft mixer, belongs to compulsory mixer and is a common machine with high working efficiency. As the name suggests, ...
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