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Aimix can provide various concrete mixer with different driving force, which can meet the users’ demand to a great extent. You can choose the most proper one according to your needs.

Among them, electric concrete mixer is the machine used most widely; diesel concrete mixer is quite a proper choice for electricity-starved area; hand operated concrete mixer is mainly used for personal usage.

Meanwhile, gas powered concrete mixer is a clean machine which uses compressed air as the working power and if you want to raise concrete mixer to different height, hydraulic concrete mixer is definitely a good choice.

cement mixer drum for sale

Electric Cement Mixers for Sale

As we know, electricity is a kind of clean energy, which is harmless to the environment. So the electric concrete mixer, which is also called electric cement mixer, is an ...
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diesel cement mixer

Diesel Cement Mixer for Sale

Imaging such a circumstance, you have to do a construct project in a place with electric shortage or you have to finish a construction project on time, but the electric ...
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hand held concrete mixer

Hand Cement Mixer for Sale

Hand cement mixer, also called manual concrete mixer machine or hand crank mixer, is a small but efficient machine.  Namely, it means you can mix cement by your hand. Specification: ...
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portable concrete mixers

Gas Powered Cement Mixer for Sale

Gas powered concrete mixer, which is also called gas powered cement mixer, gas cement mixer or gas concrete mixer, is a new advanced concrete mixer, which use compressed air as ...
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hydraulic mixer machine

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer for Sale

Hydraulic concrete mixer, also called hydraulic cement mixer or hydraulic concrete mixer machine, is a  advanced cement mixer equipped with hydraulic system.  So that it is characteristic of compact structure, ...
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