Why A Concrete Foaming Machine Is Necessary

Foam concrete,specially made by concrete foaming machine, also know as foamed cement or lightweight concrete, is a kind of a new energy-saving construction materials, which is characteristic of convenient use, environmental protection, energy saving and low investment.

Mainly, foam concrete is specially made by foam mixer machine. Firstly, foam  agent will foamed fully by foaming system of foam mixer, then mix the foam and cement paste evenly. With the cast in construction site of mold forming by pumping system of foam concrete mixer machine design and natural conservation, a new-type lightweight thermal insulation material with a lot of  closed pores forms.

As a new-type energy saving and environmental protection building material, foam concrete is wildly used for wall materials. And it has the advantages of small density, light weight, thermal insulation, sound insulation and anti-earthquake. Find professional foam machine manufacturers, then purchase a high-quality foam machine for sale.

What makes concrete foaming machine popular

Foam concrete is specially made by high quality foam concrete mixer and the advantages and features of foam concrete make cement foaming machine popular in construction filed.

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The density of foam concrete is small ,and the density grade usually is 300 to 1800 kg/m*3. Generally, the density of foam concrete widely used in reality is 300 to 1200 kg/m*3, and the supper light foam concrete with the density of 160 kg/m*3 is also used in construction projects.

Due to the small density, when it is used in inside and outside wall, the floors and the columns, it can make the building weight reduced by 25% or some up to the total weight of 30% to 40%.

Moreover, for some structural members, foam concrete can improve their bearing capacity. Therefore, the use of foam concrete in construction projects has a significant economic benefits. Find a reliable foam mixing machine supplier, make a good purchase and save money for your

Thermal Insulation

Foam concrete is a porous materials, so it is a good sound insulation materials. And it can be used as the sound insulation layer for the building and road. Besides, foam concrete is an inorganic material, which entitles it great fire resistance.

If it is used in building, which can improve the fire resistance of building. Instead of the common concrete, the foam concrete specially made by foam concrete machine has wider usage.

Low Elasticity and Shock Absorption

There are a great number of pores, which make it low elastic modulus. So that it has a good absorption and dispersion effect on impact load.

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Good Waterproof Performance

With relatively independent closed pores and goody integrity, foam concrete has a low water absorption and has a great waterproof performance.

Convenient Processing and Good Environmental Protection

Foam concrete can not only be produced into various products in factory, but also can be produced into the roof, floor and wall directly in construction site.

As for the environmental protection performance, foam concrete is made of cement and foaming agent, which is lack of harmful materials. So that it can avoid environmental pollution and fire hazard.

With so many advantages, foam concrete is definitely a good choice for construction projects. Namely, you need a quality concrete foam machine. And, Aimix, professional concrete foaming machine manufacturers, can provide quality concrete foaming machine with reasonable price.

Besides, Aimix concrete mixer pump is also a hot product among customers. Contact us to get more details or foam concrete machine price.

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