The Basics about JZM350 Concrete Mixer

JZM350 concrete mixer is a positive mixing, reverse discharging mixer. JZM350 cement mixer can produce plastic concrete and semi dry hard concrete. With rubber tug friction drive, it is characteristic of low noise, stable performance, easy operation and flexible movement, high-quality mixing and high efficiency.

Mainly, JZM350 concrete mixer is used for construction sites, road, bridge projects, especially for urban construction projects.

Mainly, JZM350 concrete mixer consists of feeding system, mixing system, and water supply system. Aimix JZM350 concrete mixer with high quality and stable performance can be an ideal choice.

JZM350 concrete mixer

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Feeding System

It mainly consists of winch, feeding frame, hopper and feed hopper. The upper and lower limits of the hopper is controlled by travel winch. And two upper limit switch are installed on feeding frame, which has the protective effect.

While one lower limit control is installed on the top of upper guide rail. When the hopper is down to the pit bottom, wire rope slightly loose, spring lever mechanism makes the lower limit action, then winch will stop automatically.

Mixing System

Mixing system mainly constitutes mixing drum, tug and transmission device. Mixing drum is welded with high and low blades, which forms a certain angle with the axis of the mixing drum.

With the rotating of mixing drum, the blades makes materials up and down, and do axis reciprocating agitation at the same time. Therefore, JZM350 can produce high-quality concrete.

JZM350 concrete mixer
JZM350 concrete mixer

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Water Supply System

This part mainly consists of motor, water pump, regulating pump, suction valve and pipeline.

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