the Basics You Should Know before Cleaning A Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is a common machine, which is widely used in construction projects. Although cement mixers differ in type, capacity, size and even the way of discharging, they share the similar particular cleaning method.

manual concrete mixer

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Although concrete mixer has an easy cleaning, but it is particular and different from simple water wanshing. Mainly, the cleaning of mixers can include two steps. First of all, you should wash the inside of concrete mixer.

Namely, you should clean the mixing drum. Instead of water only, small stone and water should be put into mixing drum together. After about 10 minutes mixing, you can put the water and small stone out of the cement mixer.

If you have to enter the mixing drum, you must cut off the power, remove fuse and make switch lock closed. Next, you can begin to clean the outside of concrete mixer. It is different from the inside cleaning, you can rinse the concrete mixer with water simply.

But remember to cut off the power first. Besides, you should dry off the outside of mixers or the mixer can rust.

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